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The Clerk of District Court's responsibilities include keeping records, receiving all cases filed therein, properly recording and attending to the same.  The Clerk shall have the care and custody of all records, seals, books, papers and property pertaining to the office for the court of the county for which she is elected.  Additionally the Clerk shall receive, account for and pay over all money that comes into the possession of the Court according to law, and under the orders or decrees of the court.  The Clerk also maintains the records in criminal cases, and receipts and distributes restitution and fines.

The Clerk of District Court office is the official record keeper for Court-ordered child support which is processed through POSSE (Parental Obligation System for Support Enforcement), the statewide network.

Each year the Clerk of District Court requests a juror list from the Supreme Court. The jurors are randomly selected from the lists of voter registration and drivers licenses.

Our office provides full passport services including passport photos.

Cases are filed under the following classifications: civil, criminal, juvenile, probate, guardianship, adoption, involuntary commitment, or confidential intermediary

Many people are not aware that they can look at most court records.  Sealed records make up a very small percentage of the court’s records.  Many circumstances such as genealogy research warrant a trip to the Clerk of Court office to research information available in criminal, civil and probate records.

The Clerk of District is prohibited by state law from giving legal advice.

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