Friday, October 20, 2017
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Big Horn County Land Use Plan
Final Approved Plan

The Big Horn County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Land Use Plan on January 6, 2010. The adopted plan is available below as component files (for easier download). CD-ROM copies are available from the Big Horn County Planner's Office.

Big Horn County Land Use Plan -
Adopted Version, January 6, 2010, complete and up-to-date :

Multiple files.

Cover and Approvals (0.5 Mb PDF file)
Table of Contents ( 0.2 Mb PDF file)
Introduction ( 1.2 Mb PDF file)
Plan for the Future (0.5 Mb PDF file)

Future Land Use Maps
County Map ( 3.0 Mb PFD file)
Greybull Valley Map (1.5 Mb PDF file)
Nowood Valley Map (1.4 Mb PDF file)
Shell Valley Map ( 1.5 Mb PDF file)
Shoshone Valley Map ( 1.6 Mb PDF file)

Inventory - Population ( 0.5 Mb PDF file)
Inventory - Housing ( 0.5 Mb PDF file)
Inventory - Land Use & Development ( 0.4 Mb PDF file)
Inventory - Agriculture ( 0.6 Mb PDF file)
Inventory - Economy (0.4 Mb PDF file)
Inventory - Infrastructure (0.4 Mb PDF file)
Inventory - Plan Map Series (0.4 Mb PDF file)
Inventory - Public Opinion ( 0.1 Mb PDF file)

Appendices A (definitions) and B (sources) ( 0.2 Mb PDF file)
Appendix C (potential actions) ( 0.2 Mb PDF file)
Appendix D (maps) ( 12.5 Mb PDF file)
Appendix E (zoning map example) ( 1.0 Mb PDF file)
Appendix F (town land use plans) (13.7 Mb PDF file)

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