Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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The Big Horn County Commissioners are dedicated to preserving the health, safety & welfare of our citizens through conservative, responsive, & thoughtful action based on the premise that all people are entitled to fair, equal, & limited government.


Immediate Full Time Job Opening - Big Horn County Clerk’s Office
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Notice to All Interested Business Owners in Big Horn County
This notice is to inform all interested parties that Big Horn County will be accepting application for one (1) available retail liquor licenses. Applications are available at the County Clerk’s office or you can Download Application. Applications must be filed with the County Clerk on or before 5:00 P.M. June 12, 2015. A public hearing to review applications and hear protests if there be any will be held July 7, 2015. at 1:30 P.M. in the board of county commissioners chambers, Basin, Wyoming. Call 307-568-2357 with questions. Download Application

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Big Horn County, Wyoming

Big Horn County, Wyoming is located in the northern part of Wyoming's Big Horn basin.

Big Horn County was created from parcels taken from Johnson, Fremont, and Sheridan counties, and was organized in 1897.

The principal industries in Big Horn County are gas and oil development, bentonite mining, farming, ranching, and tourism.

The people in our communities still understand and exemplify the Old West traditions of hard work, self sufficiency, and mutual support. Our farms are second to none in sugar beet, grain, bean, and hay production.

Many sights of historical and natural interest are easily accessed and enjoyed on a tour through Big Horn County. Our county offers many attractions, including the Bighorn National Forest and Cloud Peak Wilderness, Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Refuge, Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site, Greybull Museum, Red Gulch Dinosaur Track Site, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (also known as Yellowtail Reservoir) , Shell Falls, Paintrock, and the ancient Medicine Wheel. Outdoor recreationists find a wealth of wild game, fish, and outdoor scenery in Big Horn County.





The people in our communities understand & exemplify the Old West traditions of hard work, self sufficiency, & mutual support.

Photo of Devil's Kitchen in Big Horn County, WY