Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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The Land Planning Department is responsible for assigning all physical addresses in the unincorporated areas of Big Horn County.

  • A physical address will not be assigned unless an existing structure is on site or active, permitted development of a structure is in progress.
  • Your physical address may differ from your mailing address; this is determined by your post office.
  • Proof of permitted access to the site to be addressed may be required before an address will be assigned.
  • A county-issued fire marker displaying the address number is placed where the driveway to the addressed structure meets a named road.

How to Request a Physical Address:
In order to get an address in unincorporated Big Horn County, you must submit an Address Application and fee to the Land Planning Department. The Land Planning staff will review your application, assign an address and contact you (and any appropriate agencies) with your new address.

How is an address number determined?
If the address location is on a currently named road, the address number will be assigned based on a number range defined by the Big Horn County Address System. Using geographic information systems (GIS), the road will be segmented into sections that match the range of numbers defined. In most cases, the address number assigned will be chosen where the access road to the address location meets the named road. Generally, addresses north or east of the named road will have an odd number assigned and addresses south or west of the named road will have an even number assigned.

If the address location is on an unnamed road and there are two or less addressed locations along the access, a number will be assigned based on the named road that the access road intersects. If the address location is on an unnamed road and there are three or more addressed locations along the access, the private road will first be named using the process defined in the Big Horn County, WY, Rural Addressing Policy, then all addresses along the road will be reassigned accordingly.

Address Changes:
There are occasions where addresses are modified. One example is when more than two residences share a common access road that has not yet been named. In this case, the road will be named and any existing addresses along the road will be changed to match the newly named road. Each addressee will be notified of the change, as well as all emergency services and dispatch offices, utility companies, county offices, the postal service, and other interested parties.

If an existing address does not conform to the County address system or policy, the County Planner will initiate the process for changing an address.

See the Big Horn County, WY, Rural Addressing Policy for more information.

Reporting Damaged Signs:
To report a down, missing or damaged sign call the Land Planning Department at (307) 568-2424 or send an email to

Addresses for In-Town Residents:
If the structure you are seeking an address for is within a municipal boundary (i.e., Basin, Burlington, Byron, Cowley, Deaver, Frannie, Greybull, Lovell or Manderson), please contact the appropriate municipality. The Land Planning Department only issues in-town addresses upon the request of the town administration.

Contact Land Planning

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Phone: 307-568-2424
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