Big Horn County

The County Clerk serves as the Chief Election Official for the county and, as such, performs a variety of duties. These duties are done in conformance with and as defined in the Wyoming Sate Statutes, Title 22.

Primary and general elections are held on even numbered years and occur in August and November repectively. A person may register to vote not less than 14 days before an election and/or on election day. You can register to vote at the clerk's office in Basin, Wyoming or at any of the town offices in Big Horn County.

Any qualified Big Horn County elector that wishes to vote by absentee ballot may apply to the Big Horn County Clerk,for an absentee ballot either in person, by email, by telephone or by mail.

2022 Election Information
Primary Election Proclamation
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Big Horn County Primary Election Candidates
Candidate List

(This list will not be final until all town races are certified June 9, 2022)

All State Races can be found on the Wyoming Secretary of State's Website available Here  


Registration, Absentee Ballot Information and
Wyomings Voter ID Law Information (effective July 1, 2021) - Click Links Below

Absentee Ballot Information

Registration Information

ID to Vote

Forms & Information


2018 General Election Official Canvassed Results

Summary Report

Precinct Detail Summary Report


2020 Election Downloads

Primary Election Downloads

General Election Downloads

 All liens are public records. The following types of liens are filed in the Clerk's Office:

  • Real Property
  • Personal Property
  • State and Federal Tax
  • Motor vehicle liens must be placed on the title


Liens against personal property such as motor vehicles, agricultural products, and household items are filed with the Uniform Commercial Code filings.

Lien and UCC filing fee

State tax liens


Federal tax liens


Releases for liens filed prior to 7.1.1993


Releases for liens filed 7.1.1993 and after

no charge

Statement of Amendment, continuation or assignment


Filing and indexing original financing and termination statement


Each additional certificate of title where lien is noted for perfection


Our Mission

To conduct the day-to-day business of Big Horn County with vendors and employees in a friendly atmosphere while following Wyoming Statutes.

The Big Horn County accounts payable and payroll office is a division of the Big Horn County Clerk's Office. Along with the clerk, the office has two employees performing a variety of financial functions. such as: tax reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll. We interface with all county departments, agencies, employees, and vendors.

The county clerk serves as the chief budget officer for the county, and staff members assist in tasks related to accounting, payroll, fixed assets, and accounts receivable (for those accounts not covered by the county treasurer). All tasks are done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (WSS 16-4-120(c)).



Prior years’ budgets are available in detail or by summary. 

Accounts Payable

Pays county vouchers twice a month, helps in the budget process, presents vouchers to commissioners twice a month for payment and balances monthly with the treasurer's office.



Payroll & Personnel

Conducts payroll for county employees, maintains personnel and HIPAA records, enrolls new employees, is liason with all insurance providers for county employees including Wyoming Retirement System and Workers' Compensation Fund, maintains records for IRS and unemployment including all records for payroll vendors.

Please call for an appointment to sign up with the county. You must bring two forms of ID, (one photo) and your social security number. Please schedule forty-five minutes to an hour for signing up and reading the personnel policy prior to your first day at work.



Cigna Website

Fair Labor Standards Website

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Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

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